Electrodiagnostic Testing

Nerve Conduction Study

Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS) are used to evaluate for causes of pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness. NCS can help establish the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome, radiculopathy, focal nerve entrapments, or polyneuropathy.

NCS involves applied electrode pads on your skin to measure the responses of your nerves to a brief electrical stimulation. This measurement will provide information about the health of your nerves.


Electromyography (EMG) is a procedure to evaluate the health of your muscles and the nerves that control them. EMG can help establish a diagnosis for causes of pain and weakness, such as radiculopathy or sciatica.

EMG involves one very thin needle electrode, inserted into your muscle to record the electrical activity of the muscle during rest and during contraction.

How to Prepare for Your Electrodiagnostic Testing Appointment

Before Your Appointment

·      Read the Consent Form (located bottom of page)

o   Sign and bring it to your appointment or send it in before your appointment

             Day of Your Appointment

·      Wear or bring clothing appropriate for the area of testing

o   Upper Extremities: Sleeveless shirt

o   Lower Extremities: Shorts and easily removable shoes

o   Please refrain from wearing white clothing

·      Please shower prior to your appointment

·      Avoid wearing lotion or oils the day of your appointment

·      Avoid anti-inflammatory medications or Aspirin before the examination, although these can be administered immediately after the examination

·      All other pain medications are permissible

·      Do not smoke the day of the examination

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