Services & Specialties

The Kimelman Medical Group offers Evaluations and Treatment, Medical Legal Evaluations, Agreed Medical Evaluations (AME), Qualified Medical Evaluation (QME), and EMG/Nerve Conduction Studies.


  • Medical Evaluation and Treatment
  • Medical Legal Evaluation
  • Long Term Disability Evaluation
  • Neuro Physiological Evaluation

Medical Evaluation and Treatment

    To evaluate musculo skeletal conditions, the physician will obtain a history of aggravating activities that provoke pain and of activities that relieve symptoms. He will also obtain a history of previous diagnostic tests, history of prescribed and over the counter medications and treatment that have succeeded in reducing symptoms After assembling this information, the physician will diagnose possible causes of the condition and organize a treatment plan to exclude similar musculo skeletal conditions that might mimic it. He will initiate a plan of treatment utilizing medications, exercises, independent exercises for the patient to perform to increase activity physical therapy, and ergonomic adaptations. 

Medical Legal Evaluation

    As part of a medical legal evaluation, the physician will evaluate the medical condition that has caused a disability or that resulted from an injury, assess whether the condition has reached maximal medical improvement or permanent and stationary status, assess the level of permanent disability that has arisen in total and the percent that arose as a result of an event or injury. The evaluation is methodical, entails a lengthy interview and a thorough physical examination of the musculo skeletal or neurological condition so that it conveys an accurate depiction of the disability.